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Language Practice – In each sentence in this exercise, there is a word that is bold and underlined. Choose the alternative that best explains the meaning of that word.

Vocabulary 01

In each sentence, the bold word has a specific meaning. Choose the alternative that aligns best with the context of the sentence.

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The perplexed student struggled to understand the complex mathematical problem.

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The novel's vivid descriptions painted a clear picture of the bustling city.

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Despite the rain, the team's spirits remained high as they prepared for the championship game.

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The magician's elaborate trick involved multiple props and hidden compartments.

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Her astonishing discovery shook the scientific community and led to further research.

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The children's antics during the party amused everyone but exhausted their parents.

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The detective's keen observation skills helped solve the mysterious case quickly.

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The artist's abstract paintings were open to interpretation and stirred emotions.

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The ominous clouds signaled an approaching storm.

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The mischievous cat knocked over the vase and then darted away playfully.

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