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Prepositions of Location

In this exercise, we’ll focus specifically on prepositions of location, which tell us where an object is positioned in space. These prepositions help us describe the spatial relationships between objects and places.

Before we jump into the exercise, let’s review some common prepositions of location:

  • On: Indicates that something is positioned directly above and in contact with a surface.
  • In: Suggests that something is contained within the boundaries of an area or space.
  • Under: Describes something positioned beneath or below another object.
  • Beside: Indicates that something is positioned next to or alongside another object.
  • At: Refers to a specific point or place.
  • Between: Describes the position of something in the middle of two objects or places.
  • Above: Indicates that something is positioned higher than another object.
  • Below: Describes the position of something lower than another object.
  • Next to: Indicates that something is positioned immediately adjacent to another object.

Now that we’ve refreshed our understanding of these prepositions, it’s time to put our knowledge to the test! Below, you’ll find a set of multiple-choice questions where you’ll need to select the correct preposition of location to complete each sentence.

Prepositions of Location

Prepositions of location tell us where one thing is in relation to another thing.

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The cat is ______ the sofa.

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The book is ______ the table.

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The keys are ______ the table.

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The restaurant is ______ the corner.

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The picture is ______ the wall.

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The car is ______ the garage.

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The dog is ______ the bed.

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The school is ______ the park.

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The cup is ______ the shelf.

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The keys are ______ the door.

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The flowers are ______ the vase.

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The pencil is ______ the notebook and the lamp.

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