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Stative or Dynamic Verbs

Verbs in English can be categorized into two main types: stative (or state) verbs and dynamic (or action) verbs. Test your understanding of the difference between these verb types in this interactive quiz.

Stative or Dynamic Verbs

Is the main verb stative or dynamic in the following sentences?

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She enjoys reading books in her free time.

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The children are playing outside in the garden.

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He believes in working hard to achieve success.

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Sarah is having a cup of coffee at the café.

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My dog smells everything it encounters during walks.

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They own a beautiful house by the beach.

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The students understand the importance of education.

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He is running a marathon next weekend.

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She loves watching romantic movies.

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The chef is preparing a delicious meal in the kitchen.

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The flowers smell wonderful in the garden.

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They think that traveling is a great way to learn about different cultures.

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