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Articles & Determiners

Here is a 12-question multiple-choice exercise based on the material from the provided webpage on Articles and Determiners.

Articles & Determiners

There are two types of articles in English: Definite and indefinite. Articles are a type of adjective and a type of determiner. They are always used with a noun. Some singular nouns require the use of an article.

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Which indefinite article would you use before the word "apple"?

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Choose the correct article: "___ United States."

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Which determiner would you use for something near and singular?

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Which of the following is a possessive adjective?

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Select the sentence that uses a superlative adjective with an article correctly:

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Which article is used with a plural noun referring to something specific?

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Identify the correct sentence using a zero article:

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Choose the correct determiner for a general concept without a specific reference: "___ health is important."

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Which sentence correctly uses an indefinite article?

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What is the correct article usage: "___ Statue of Liberty is in New York."

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Identify the correct usage of an interrogative determiner:

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Which sentence correctly uses a demonstrative determiner for a distant object?

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