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Pronunciation – The TH Sound

English pronunciation can be tricky, especially when it comes to sounds like the TH sound. How well do you know your TH sounds?

Pronunciation - The TH sound

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Practicing regularly is key to improving the pronunciation of the TH sound.

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The TH sound is one of the most challenging sounds for ESL learners to master in English pronunciation.

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The tongue-twister "Thirty-three thick thistle sticks" contains examples of both voiced and voiceless TH sounds.

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Minimal pairs can be helpful in practicing the correct pronunciation of the TH sounds.

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To produce the voiceless TH sound (/θ/), the tongue is positioned lightly between the teeth.

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The TH sound is present in many languages around the world, not just English.

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The tongue position for the voiced TH sound (/ð/) is the same as the tongue position for the voiceless TH sound (/θ/).

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It is common for ESL learners to substitute the TH sound with sounds from their native language.

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The voiced TH sound (/ð/) is heard in words like "thin" and "math."

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The voiceless TH sound (/θ/) is heard in words like "think" and "thank."

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The voiced TH sound (/ð/) is produced by touching the tip of the tongue against the top front teeth.

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The TH sound is represented by two distinct sounds in English: voiced (/ð/) and voiceless (/θ/).

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