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Web Page Vocabulary & Navigation Guide


  • Header: The top section of a web page, usually containing the logo, navigation menu, and sometimes a search bar.
    “The company logo is located in the header.”
  • Footer: The bottom section of a web page, typically containing contact information, privacy policy, and links to social media.
    “You can find the privacy policy in the footer.”
  • Sidebar: A vertical column on the side of the page, often used for navigation links or advertisements.
    “The recent articles are listed in the sidebar.”
  • Menu/Navigation Bar: A set of links or buttons that allow users to navigate to different parts of the website.
    “Click on ‘Services’ in the navigation bar to see our offerings.”
  • Main Content Area: The central part of the web page where the primary content is displayed.
    “The main content area contains the article text.”
  • Hyperlink: A clickable text or image that directs users to another page or resource.
    “Click on the hyperlink to read more about our services.”
  • Button: An interactive element that performs an action when clicked.
    “Press the ‘Submit’ button to send your information.”
  • Form: A section where users can input data, such as a contact form or a search bar.
    “Fill out the form to subscribe to our newsletter.”


  • Click: Pressing a button on a mouse or touchpad.
    “Click the ‘Sign Up’ button to register.”
  • Scroll: Moving up or down a web page using a mouse wheel or touchpad.
    “Scroll down to see the customer reviews.”
  • Hover: Placing the cursor over an element without clicking.
    “Hover over the menu to see the dropdown options.”

Navigate: Moving from one web page to another.
“Navigate to the homepage by clicking the logo.”

HomepageThe main page of a website“Click on the logo to go back to the homepage.”
Navigation MenuA list of links to other parts of the website“Use the navigation menu to find the contact page.”
LinkText or image that you can click to go to another page“Click on the link to read more.”
ButtonA clickable element that performs an action“Press the ‘Submit’ button to send the form.”
ScrollMove up or down on a web page“Scroll down to see more information.”
Dropdown MenuA menu that appears when you click or hover over an item“Select your country from the dropdown menu.”
Search Bar/BoxA field where you can type to find information“Type the keyword in the search bar and press enter.”
SidebarA vertical column on the side of a web page“The latest news is in the sidebar on the right.”
FooterThe bottom part of a web page“Find the privacy policy in the footer.”
IconA small picture representing a function or a link“Click the printer icon to print the page.”

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