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MS Word Vocabulary & Navigation Guide

Page Elements

  • Title: The main heading of the document.
    “The title of the document is ‘Project Plan’.”
  • Header: The top section of each page, often containing titles, dates, or page numbers.
    “The document title is repeated in the header.”
  • Footer: The bottom section of each page, often containing page numbers or footnotes.
    “The page numbers are located in the footer.”
  • Paragraph: A block of text separated by a blank line or indentation.
    “Each section starts with a new paragraph.”
  • Table: A grid of rows and columns used to organize data.
    “The sales data is presented in a table.”
  • Image/Picture: Visual elements inserted into the document.
    “The document includes an image of the product.”
  • Caption: Text that describes an image or table.
    “The caption below the image explains its context.”
  • Bullet Points/List: A list of items preceded by bullets or numbers.
    “The key points are highlighted with bullet points.”
  • Hyperlink: A clickable text or image that directs users to another location or document.
    “The reference section contains hyperlinks to the sources.”
  • Footer: The bottom section of each page, typically containing page numbers or additional information.
    “The page number is in the footer.”


  • Type: Entering text using the keyboard.
    “Type your name at the top of the document.”
  • Format: Changing the appearance of text (e.g., bold, italic, underline).
    “Format the headings in bold.”
  • Insert: Adding elements like images, tables, or charts.
    “Insert a table to organize the data.”
  • Save: Storing the document on your computer or cloud.
    “Save the document regularly to avoid losing work.”
  • Copy: Duplicating selected text or elements.
    “Copy the text from the introduction and paste it into the summary.”
  • Paste: Inserting copied text or elements at a specific location.
    “Paste the copied paragraph below the current section.”
  • Highlight: Marking text with a background color for emphasis.
    “Highlight the important terms in yellow.”
  • Review: Checking the document for errors or making comments.
    “Review the document and add comments where necessary.”
ToolbarA set of icons or options for performing actions“Use the toolbar to format your text.”
RibbonThe top section of Word where all the tabs and tools are“The ‘Home’ tab is on the ribbon.”
CursorThe blinking line indicating where you can type“Place the cursor where you want to start typing.”
Bullet PointsA list where each item starts with a dot or other symbol“Add bullet points to list your ideas.”
Numbered ListA list where each item starts with a number“Use a numbered list for step-by-step instructions.”
HeadingA style used to create titles and subtitles“Apply ‘Heading 1’ to the main title.”
FooterThe bottom section of each page for additional information“Add the page number to the footer.”
MarginThe blank space around the edges of the page“Adjust the margins to make the text fit better.”
HighlightTo make text stand out by applying a background color“Highlight important terms in yellow.”
SaveTo store the document on your computer“Remember to save your document frequently.”

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