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Office Terms

Below is an alphabetical list of common office terms with short definitions. They cover various aspects of office work and communication, providing a solid foundation for workplace English proficiency.

  1. Attendance
    • Definition: The act of being present, especially at work.
    • Example: Regular attendance is important for success in the workplace.
  2. Boss
    • Definition: The person in charge or the manager.
    • Example: I need to talk to my boss about my upcoming projects.
  3. Calendar
    • Definition: A schedule or chart that shows days, weeks, and months of the year.
    • Example: I marked the deadline on my calendar.
  4. Client
    • Definition: A person or company that receives services or goods.
    • Example: We have many clients in the healthcare industry.
  5. Colleague
    • Definition: A person you work with, especially in the same profession or organization.
    • Example: I discussed the project with my colleagues during the meeting.
  6. Conference Call
    • Definition: A telephone call involving multiple participants for a meeting.
    • Example: We had a conference call with the overseas team.
  7. Copy
    • Definition: A reproduction or duplicate of a document, report, or file.
    • Example: Please make a copy of this report for everyone.
  8. Customer
    • Definition: A person who purchases goods or services from a business.
    • Example: Our customer service team assists clients with their inquiries.
  9. Deadline
    • Definition: The latest time or date by which something should be completed.
    • Example: I need to finish this report before the deadline.
  10. Desk
    • Definition: A piece of furniture with a flat surface for work.
    • Example: I keep my computer on my desk.
  11. Email
    • Definition: Electronic mail sent and received through the internet.
    • Example: I received an important email from our supplier.
  12. Employee
    • Definition: A person who works for a company or organization.
    • Example: Our company has over 100 employees.
  13. Fax
    • Definition: A method of sending and receiving documents electronically over a telephone line.
    • Example: Please send the contract via fax.
  14. File
    • Definition: A collection of documents or records stored in a computer or office.
    • Example: I saved the presentation in a digital file.
  15. HR (Human Resources)
    • Definition: The department within a company that deals with recruitment, training, and employee relations.
    • Example: Contact HR for information about employee benefits.
  16. Inbox
    • Definition: The folder in an email system where incoming messages are stored.
    • Example: I have many emails in my inbox that need to be read.
  17. Interview
    • Definition: A formal meeting to evaluate a candidate for employment or discuss a topic.
    • Example: I have an interview for a new position next week.
  18. Invoice
    • Definition: A document sent to a customer specifying payment details for goods or services provided.
    • Example: Please process the invoice for the recent shipment.
  19. Job
    • Definition: A regular task or position of employment.
    • Example: I have a full-time job as a marketing manager.
  20. Keyboard
    • Definition: The set of keys used for typing on a computer.
    • Example: I need a new keyboard for my computer.
  21. Meeting
    • Definition: A gathering of people for discussion, usually with a specific purpose.
    • Example: Let’s schedule a meeting to discuss the project timeline.
  22. Memo
    • Definition: A brief written message used for communication within an organization.
    • Example: I received a memo about the upcoming office party.
  23. Manager
    • Definition: A person responsible for controlling and coordinating activities and personnel.
    • Example: Our project manager oversees the development team.
  24. Office
    • Definition: A place where administrative or professional work is conducted.
    • Example: I work in a busy office in downtown.
  25. Overtime
    • Definition: Time worked beyond regular working hours.
    • Example: I worked overtime to meet the project deadline.
  26. Payroll
    • Definition: The total amount of wages paid by a company to its employees.
    • Example: The payroll department processes salary payments.
  27. Presentation
    • Definition: A formal talk given to an audience, often accompanied by visual aids.
    • Example: I prepared a PowerPoint presentation for the client meeting.
  28. Printer
    • Definition: A machine used for printing documents or images.
    • Example: The printer is out of ink; we need to replace it.
  29. Project
    • Definition: A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.
    • Example: We are working on a new marketing project for the product launch.
  30. Promotion
    • Definition: The advancement of an employee to a higher job position with more responsibilities.
    • Example: She received a promotion after completing her training.
  31. Receptionist
    • Definition: A person who greets visitors and handles inquiries at the front desk of an office.
    • Example: The receptionist welcomed clients into the office.
  32. Report
    • Definition: A formal document presenting information or findings.
    • Example: I submitted the quarterly sales report to my manager.
  33. Salary
    • Definition: A fixed regular payment, typically paid monthly, to an employee.
    • Example: I received my salary at the end of the month.
  34. Scanner
    • Definition: A device used to convert physical documents or images into digital format.
    • Example: Use the scanner to upload the document to your computer.
  35. Secretary
    • Definition: An administrative assistant responsible for clerical tasks and office management.
    • Example: The secretary scheduled appointments for the executives.
  36. Software
    • Definition: Programs and operating information used by a computer.
    • Example: We use specialized software for accounting.
  37. Supervisor
    • Definition: A person who oversees and directs the work of others.
    • Example: The supervisor provides guidance to the team.
  38. Team
    • Definition: A group of individuals working together to achieve a common goal.
    • Example: Our marketing team launched a successful campaign.
  39. Telephone
    • Definition: A device used for voice communication over long distances.
    • Example: I called the client on the telephone to discuss the project.
  40. Training
    • Definition: The action of teaching specific skills or knowledge to improve performance.
    • Example: New employees undergo training to learn company policies.
  41. Vacation
    • Definition: A period of time when someone takes a break from work or routine.
    • Example: I’m looking forward to my vacation next month.
  42. Vendor
    • Definition: A supplier of goods or services.
    • Example: We work with several vendors to source materials for production.
  43. Voicemail
    • Definition: A system for recording and storing voice messages left over the phone.
    • Example: I left a voicemail for my colleague with the meeting details.
  44. Work
    • Definition: Activity involving mental or physical effort done to achieve a purpose.
    • Example: I have a lot of work to do before the end of the week.
  45. Workstation
    • Definition: A designated area equipped for a specific task or job.
    • Example: Each employee has their own workstation with a computer.
  46. Workspace
    • Definition: The area where work is done, including desk, chair, and tools.
    • Example: Keep your workspace organized for better productivity.
  47. Workflow
    • Definition: The sequence of tasks that make up a work process.
    • Example: We streamlined the workflow to improve efficiency.
  48. Workload
    • Definition: The amount of work assigned to a person, department, or company.
    • Example: The team is handling a heavy workload this month.
  49. Workspace
    • Definition: The physical area where work is done, including a desk, chair, and computer.
    • Example: Keep your workspace tidy and organized.
  50. Zoom
    • Definition: A popular video conferencing software used for virtual meetings.
    • Example: We use Zoom for team meetings with remote colleagues.

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