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The Lost Puppy

Lily was walking in the park one sunny afternoon when she heard a soft whimpering sound. She followed the sound and found a small, brown puppy hiding under a bench. The puppy looked scared and hungry. Lily carefully picked it up and decided to take it home.

At home, Lily gave the puppy some food and water. She named him Max. Her friend Tom came over, and they decided to make posters to find Max’s owner. They put the posters up all around the neighborhood.

A few days later, Lily received a phone call from an elderly woman named Mrs. Green. She said she lost her puppy and saw the posters. Lily and Tom took Max to Mrs. Green’s house. Mrs. Green was very happy to see Max and thanked Lily and Tom for their help. Lily felt proud and happy that Max was back with his owner.

Reading Comprehension: The Lost Puppy

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Where did Lily find the puppy?

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What did Lily name the puppy?

3 / 10

Who helped Lily make posters?

4 / 10

What did Lily give the puppy at home?

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How did Mrs. Green find out about the puppy?

6 / 10

How did Mrs. Green feel when she saw Max?

7 / 10

Where did Lily and Tom take Max?

8 / 10

What was the weather like when Lily found the puppy?

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Why did Lily feel proud and happy at the end of the story?

10 / 10

What did the puppy look like?

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