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The New Student

Maria moved to a new country and started at a new school. She was very nervous because she didn’t know anyone and spoke little English. On her first day, she felt scared and alone. During lunch, she sat by herself.

John, a friendly classmate, noticed Maria and decided to help. He went over, introduced himself, and asked if he could sit with her. Maria smiled and nodded. John showed her around the school and helped her with her English. He introduced her to other students, and soon, Maria started to feel more comfortable.

With John’s help, Maria made new friends and began to enjoy school. She was grateful for John’s kindness and felt happy in her new home.

Reading Comprehension: The New Student

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What did John help Maria with?

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What did Maria start to feel in her new home?

3 / 10

What did Maria appreciate about John?

4 / 10

How did John introduce himself to Maria?

5 / 10

What was the result of John’s kindness?

6 / 10

How did Maria feel when John introduced her to other students?

7 / 10

What did John do to help Maria?

8 / 10

Who decided to help Maria?

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Where did Maria sit during lunch on her first day?

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Why was Maria nervous on her first day at school?

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