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A Family Adventure in Alaska

The Johnson family was thrilled to embark on their first cruise vacation to Alaska. They boarded a magnificent ship in Vancouver, Canada, on a crisp summer morning. Excitement filled the air as they waved goodbye to the bustling city and set sail towards the pristine wilderness of the Alaskan coast.

On their first day at sea, the family explored the ship’s amenities. There was a rock-climbing wall for the adventurous, a serene spa for relaxation, and a vibrant theater showcasing nightly performances. However, the highlight was the breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and glaciers from the ship’s deck.

The next morning, they arrived at Ketchikan, a charming town known for its totem poles. The Johnsons wandered through Creek Street, a boardwalk lined with colorful shops and historic buildings. They learned about Alaska’s native culture at the Totem Heritage Center, where intricately carved totems told stories of the past.

In Juneau, the state’s capital, the family boarded a small boat to explore the icy waters of Tracy Arm Fjord. They marveled at towering icebergs and spotted seals basking on floating chunks of ice. The captain shared fascinating facts about the fjord’s formation and wildlife.

As the cruise continued, the Johnsons visited Skagway, where they boarded an old-fashioned train for a scenic ride through the mountains. They imagined what life was like for gold prospectors during the Klondike Gold Rush.

The cruise concluded back in Vancouver, leaving the Johnson family with unforgettable memories of Alaska’s natural beauty and rich history.

Reading Comprehension - An Alaskan Cruise

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What did the family do in Juneau that involved a small boat?

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What was unique about Creek Street in Ketchikan?

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Name one type of wildlife spotted during the cruise.

4 / 12

What was the highlight of the ship's deck?

5 / 12

Where did the cruise end for the Johnson family?

6 / 12

What historical event was associated with the Klondike Gold Rush?

7 / 12

How did the Johnsons explore Skagway?

8 / 12

What did the family see in Tracy Arm Fjord?

9 / 12

What did the Johnsons learn at the Totem Heritage Center?

10 / 12

What was special about Ketchikan?

11 / 12

Describe some of the activities available on the cruise ship.

12 / 12

Where did the Johnson family start their cruise vacation?

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