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The Birthday Surprise

Alex’s friends wanted to surprise him on his birthday. They decided to organize a secret party at the park. They bought a big cake, balloons, and party hats. On the day of his birthday, Alex woke up feeling a little sad because he thought his friends had forgotten.

In the afternoon, his friend Emma called him and asked if he wanted to go to the park. Alex agreed, thinking it would be a nice walk. When he arrived at the park, he was shocked to see all his friends waiting for him with a big cake and decorations. They shouted, “Surprise!” and Alex couldn’t believe his eyes.

Everyone played games, sang songs, and enjoyed the cake. Alex felt so happy and special. It was the best birthday he had ever had.

Reading Conprehension: The Birthday Surprise

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What time of day did the party take place?

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Who organized the birthday surprise?

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Why did Alex think his friends had forgotten his birthday?

4 / 10

How did Alex feel at the end of the party?

5 / 10

What activities did they do at the party?

6 / 10

What did Alex’s friends shout when he arrived at the park?

7 / 10

How did Alex feel when he woke up on his birthday?

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What did Alex’s friends buy for the party?

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Who called Alex to go to the park?

10 / 10

Where was the birthday party held?

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