Adjectives + Prepositions (FOR)

We are continuing our dive into the fascinating world of adjectives paired with prepositions! In English, certain adjectives are commonly followed by specific prepositions to express various relationships, attitudes, and qualities. Understanding these combinations can greatly enhance our language skills and enrich our expressions. Join me as we explore examples of adjectives paired with prepositions and discover how they bring depth and nuance to our communication.

  • Eager for: Showing keen interest or enthusiasm for something.
    Example: “The students were eager for the school trip to the museum.”
  • Eligible for: Meeting the criteria to qualify for something.
    Example: “He is eligible for the scholarship due to his excellent academic record.”
  • Famous for: Well-known or recognized for a particular trait or achievement.
    Example: “Italy is famous for its delicious cuisine and rich history.”
  • Grateful for: Feeling or expressing thanks or appreciation for something.
    Example: “She was grateful for the support of her friends during a difficult time.”
  • Notorious for: Known widely and unfavorably for something negative or infamous.
    Example: “The city was notorious for its high crime rates in the past.”
  • Prepared for: Ready or equipped for a particular situation or task.
    Example: “She was well-prepared for the job interview with thorough research and practice.”
  • Ready for: Prepared and in a suitable condition for something.
    Example: “The team was ready for the championship match after weeks of training.”
  • Renowned for: Widely acclaimed and respected for excellence or achievement.
    Example: “He is renowned for his groundbreaking research in the field of medicine.”
  • Respected for: Held in high regard or esteem for qualities or achievements.
    Example: “The professor is respected for his knowledge and dedication to teaching.”
  • Responsible for: Having an obligation or duty to deal with or oversee something.
    Example: “She is responsible for managing the project and ensuring its success.”
  • Sorry for: Feeling regret or remorse for something.
    Example: “He was sorry for arriving late to the meeting.”
  • Suitable for: Appropriate or fitting for a particular purpose or situation.
    Example: “This book is suitable for readers of all ages.”
  • Thankful for: Feeling or expressing gratitude or appreciation for something.
    Example: “They were thankful for the opportunity to travel abroad.”

Adjective + Preposition (FOR)

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She is __________ the opportunity to showcase her artistic skills at the upcoming exhibition.

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The restaurant is __________ its authentic Italian cuisine.

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He felt __________ his mistake and apologized sincerely.

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The team is well __________ the challenging competition ahead.

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The actor is __________ his exceptional performances on stage.

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She was __________ the support she received during her recovery.

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The city is __________ its beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture.

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The company is __________ ensuring the safety of its employees.

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The artist is __________ his innovative approach to abstract painting.

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She was __________ the job interview after completing extensive research.

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The students are __________ the upcoming holiday break.

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He is __________ the new position in the company's marketing department.

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