Adjectives + Prepositions (OF)

We are continuing our dive into the fascinating world of adjectives paired with prepositions! In English, certain adjectives are commonly followed by specific prepositions to express various relationships, attitudes, and qualities. Understanding these combinations can greatly enhance our language skills and enrich our expressions. Join me as we explore examples of adjectives paired with prepositions and discover how they bring depth and nuance to our communication.

  • Afraid of: Feeling fear or apprehension about something.
    “He is afraid of heights, so he avoids tall buildings and bridges.”
  • Ashamed of: Feeling shame or embarrassment about something one has done.
    “She was ashamed of her behavior at the party last night.”
  • Aware of: Having knowledge or consciousness about something.
    “He is aware of the importance of conserving water during the drought.”
  • Capable of: Having the ability or capacity to do something.
    “She is capable of solving complex mathematical problems quickly.”
  • Certain of: Having complete confidence or assurance about something.
    “He is certain of his decision to pursue a career in medicine.”
  • Conscious of: Being aware or mindful of something.
    “She was conscious of the time and didn’t want to be late for the meeting.”
  • Envious of: Feeling jealousy or resentment towards someone for their possessions, qualities, or achievements.
    “She was envious of her friend’s success in the competition.”
  • Jealous of: Feeling resentment or suspicion towards someone’s possessions, relationships, or achievements.
    “He was jealous of his coworker’s promotion.”
  • Nice of: Showing kindness or generosity towards someone.
    “It was nice of her to help the elderly woman carry her groceries.”
  • Proud of: Feeling a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment regarding oneself or someone else.
    “She was proud of her son for graduating with honors.”
  • Scared of: Feeling fear or apprehension towards something.
    “He is scared of spiders and always asks someone else to remove them.”
  • Silly of: Behaving in a foolish or nonsensical manner.
    “It was silly of him to forget his keys inside the locked car.”
  • Sweet of: Showing affection or thoughtfulness towards someone.
    “It was sweet of her to surprise her friend with a birthday cake.”
  • Typical of: Exhibiting the characteristics or qualities that are usual or expected for a particular person, thing, or group.
    “His behavior was typical of someone who is passionate about their work.”

Adjective + Preposition (OF)

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She was __________ her best friend's success. She knew she deserved it.

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He felt __________ forgetting his nephew's birthday. His sister was going to be very upset.

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The children were __________ the idea of going to the amusement park.

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She was __________ her brother's achievements in sports.

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He is __________ his ability to speak multiple languages fluently.

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The mouse was __________ the cat hiding under the sofa.

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The actor was __________ all the positive reviews he received for his latest performance.

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She felt __________ her bad behavior at the party last night.

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It was __________ him to help his neighbor carry groceries upstairs.

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The student was __________ his knowledge of history. He always got the best grade in the class.

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She was __________ of her sister's good grades. She studied hard but her sister's grades were always better.

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She was ______________ the time and didn't want to be late for the meeting.

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