Adjectives + Prepositions (ABOUT)

Let’s continue our dive into the fascinating world of adjectives paired with prepositions! In English, certain adjectives are commonly followed by specific prepositions to express various relationships, attitudes, and qualities. Understanding these combinations can greatly enhance our language skills and enrich our expressions. Join me as we explore some examples of adjectives paired with prepositions and discover how they bring depth and nuance to our communication.

Prepositions + ABOUT

Angry about: Feeling or showing strong displeasure or resentment concerning something.
Example: “She was angry about the way he treated her during the meeting.”

Anxious about: Feeling nervous or worried about something that may happen.
Example: “He’s anxious about his upcoming job interview.”

Enthusiastic about: Showing great excitement and interest in something.
Example: “The students were enthusiastic about the upcoming school trip.”

Excited about: Feeling eager, thrilled, or joyful about something.
Example: “She was excited about the news of her promotion.”

Furious about: Extremely angry or enraged about something.
Example: “He was furious about the company’s decision to cut his department’s budget.”

Happy about: Feeling pleased or content about something.
Example: “They were happy about the arrival of their new baby.”

Mad about: Feeling strongly passionate or enthusiastic about something.
Example: “She’s mad about classic cars and owns a vintage collection.”

Nervous about: Feeling uneasy or apprehensive about something.
Example: “He’s nervous about giving a speech in front of a large audience.”

Pessimistic about: Tending to see the worst aspect of things; feeling negative or doubtful about the future.
Example: “She’s pessimistic about the outcome of the project due to recent setbacks.”

Sad about: Feeling sorrowful or unhappy about something.
Example: “They were sad about the news of their friend’s illness.”

Serious about: Showing sincere intent or commitment towards something.
Example: “He’s serious about pursuing a career in medicine.”

Upset about: Feeling disturbed, troubled, or emotionally unsettled about something.
Example: “She’s upset about not being invited to the party.”

Worried about: Feeling anxious or troubled about potential problems or uncertainties.
Example: “She’s worried about her son’s performance in school.”

Adjective + Preposition (ABOUT)

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She was __________ her friend's success.

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The team is __________ the upcoming competition.

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The company is __________ its commitment to environmental sustainability.

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He felt __________ missing his flight due to traffic.

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The chef is __________ her new signature dish.

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They are __________ their vacation to Europe.

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The students are __________ their upcoming exams.

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The professor is __________ his insightful research in the field of linguistics.

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He was __________ the company's decision to cut his department's budget.

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She's __________ classic cars and owns a vintage collection.

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The artist is __________ his new exhibition.

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The team is __________ the opportunity to participate in the championship.

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