VOCABULARY – Bodily Functions

When people use the term “bodily functions” they are usually talking about peeing and poooping.
But there are other bodily functions as well. Here are a few of them.

TUSSICATION (coughing)

Tussis is the Latin word for “cough.” It’s the origin of both tussication, a formal word for coughing, and pertussis, the medical name for whooping cough.

ERUCTATION (burping)

As well as being another word for a volcanic eruption, eructation is the medical name for burping, while the burp itself is called a ructus.


A sneeze or a sneezing fit is properly called a sternutation. Anything described as sternutatory causes sneezing.

FLATUS (farting)

Technically,  flatus is just the build-up of gas in the stomach or bowels, not the actual expulsion of it. For that, why not try using an old English word for a fart—ventosity.

What other bodily functions do you know of?

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