GRAMMAR – Your Profession

When we ask WHAT DO YOU DO?, we want to know what you do for a living. So,…

We need to pay attention to the article (a, an, no article):

We use ‘a’ when the profession is singular and begins with a consonant sound.
We use ‘an‘ when the profession is singular and begins with a vowel sound.
We use no article when the profession is plural.

What do you do?

  • He’s an artist. He’s very creative.
  • John is a businessman. He has his own company.
  • Mary is a businesswoman. She built her company when she was still at university
  • She’s a secretary. She likes her boss.
  • He’s an engineer.  He works long hours.
  • They are scientists. (no article) They do reseearch and exeriments.
  • Philip and Tom are doctors. (no article) They work at a hospital.
  • The Flynns are dentists. (no article) They practice together at the same clinic.
  • She is a vascular surgeon. She studied a lot.
  • They are nurses. (no article) They help people.
  • I am a teacher. I educate people.
  • Mark is a police officer. He keeps us safe
  • Julian is a firefighter. He has a very dangerous job.
  • He is a postman. He delivers our mail.
  • dani cashier. She works at the local supermarket.
  • Joe is a carpenter. He makes beautiful things our of wood.
  • Old Tom is cobbler. He fixes shoes. He’s been a cobbler most of his life. His dad was a cobbler too.
  • Jim is a painter. He works for the city painting the outside of buildings.
  • He’s a mechanic. He fixes people’s cars.
  • Fred is repairman. If something is your house breaks, take it to Fred – he’ll repair it.
  • Mr. Suggs is a farmer. He grows soy beans and corn on his farm.
  • Dave is a gardener. Everything grows in his garden. People say he has a green thumb.
  • Mike is a miner. He’s worked in a coal mine since he was a teenager. He coughs a lot now.
  • Francisco is a hairdresser. He works in a big salon in the city. He’s very well known.
  • Roger is a roadworker. He works for the city filling potholes around town.

What do you do?

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