GRAMMAR – Verbs + Prepositions

Verbs & Prepositions

Some verbs are usually followed by prepositions before the object of the verb. These are called dependent prepositions and they are followed by a noun or a gerund (‘ing’ form).

  • He’s waiting for a bus.

For is the dependent preposition for ‘wait

We can use other prepositions with ‘wait’ – e.g. He waited at the bus stop – but ‘for’ is the dependent preposition.

Here are some other verbs with their dependent prepositions.

Verbs with ‘for’

  • He apologised for being late. You can also ‘apologise to someone’
  • I applied for the job but I didn’t get it.
  • How do you ask for a coffee in Polish?
  • She spent many years caring for her aged parents.
  • I can’t go out tonight because I have to prepare for my interview tomorrow.

Verbs with ‘from’

  • This spray should protect you from mosquitoes.
  • Has he recovered from his illness yet?
  • He won an award because he saved someone from drowning.
  • I suffer from hay fever.

Verbs with ‘in’

  • She believes in ghosts.
  • Our company specializes in computer software.
  • You have to work hard if you want to succeed in life.

Verbs with ‘of’

  • I don’t approve of your language, young man.
  • Our dog died of old age.
  • This shampoo smells of bananas.

Verbs with ‘on’

  • The film is based on the novel by Boris Pasternak.
  • If you make so much noise I can’t concentrate on my work.
  • Come on! We’re relying on you!
  • We don’t agree on anything but we’re good friends.

Verbs with ‘to’

  • Can I introduce you to my wife?
  • Please refer to the notes at the end for more information.
  • Nobody responded to my complaint.

Verbs with ‘with’

  • I agree with everything you’ve said.
  • My secretary will provide you with more information if you need it.

There are many more verb + dependent preposition combinations – can you think of any?

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The Canaries are a group of islands _______ the coast of Africa.

2 / 17

There is a wooden fence _______ the garden, which looks quite nice.

3 / 17

The book was written _______ John Grisham. He's a famous writer.

4 / 17

The students in the last row never pay attention _______ what the teacher says.

5 / 17

The wind was coming _______ all directions, so it was impossible to continue with the event.

6 / 17

After an hour, the firefighters had the incident _______ control.

7 / 17

My sister owns a beautiful house ___ the sea.

8 / 17

We walked _______ the room and saw documents and folders scattered over the floor.

9 / 17

 _______ first, I thought it was an earthquake, but then I saw the damaged bus.

10 / 17

The man fell _______ a coma _______ which he never recovered.

11 / 17

The older boys always make fun _______ me.

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A large part _______ the Netherlands lies _______ sea level.

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My mom suffers _______ from migraine.

14 / 17

The painter's works are _______ display _______ the National Gallery.

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I like to read books _______ photography.

16 / 17

I am familiar _______ the rules, so you don't have to explain them to me.

17 / 17

That car belongs _______ a friend _______ mine.

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