GRAMMAR – Nouns & Prepositions

Some nouns are followed by specific prepositions. For example the noun relationship is always followed by with.

A decrease in supply usually means an increase in price.
Understanding the cause of a disease, makes it easier to find a cure for it.
Pam noticed an improvement in the quality of her students’ work.
Do sunspots have an influence on the Earth’s weather patterns.
Have you had much experience with computers?
I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying close attention to what you said.
The professor gave us several examples of that phenomenon.
Do you know the reason for the delay?
Interest in physical fitness increased in the 50s.
The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion is part of the Los Angeles Music Center.
Linguists have many theories about the origin of language.
This is an exception to the rule.
What approach should I take to this problem?
The Ivy League is a group of eight prestigious universities.
People’s reliance on automobiles has increased over the years.
I’ve tried and tried, but I simply can’t find a solution to this dilemma.
The demand for personal computers continues to grow.
Only a native of the United States can serve as President.
Economists don’t agree on what effects government spending has on the economy.
Margaret Knight designed some of the components of the rotary engine.

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