GRAMMAR – (be) used to

We use USED TO + INFINITIVE when referring to a past habit or action that we no longer do.

We use BE USED TO NOUN/GERUND to express that we are accustomed to something.

be used to can be followed by a noun. When it is followed by an action (verb) the verb must be in the gerund (verb+ing) because it’s following a preposition.


"Used to" is used to talk about past habits or situations that are no longer true.
"Be used to" means to be familiar with something or accustomed to it.

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Jack ___________ the noise of the traffic outside his apartment because he grew up in a quiet village.

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We ___________ go camping every summer when we were kids.

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Mary has been living in France for three years now. She ___________ speaking French.

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Tom ___________ stay up late studying for exams when he was in university.

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When I first started my new job, I ___________ the long working hours, but now I'm used to them.

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Sarah ___________ play the piano when she was a child, but she doesn't anymore.

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John has recently moved to a big city. He _______________ the fast-paced lifestyle yet.

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I ___________ walk to school every day when I was younger.

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Lisa ___________ living in a small town, so she found it difficult to adjust to city life.

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