Who, Whom, and Whose

These three words are often confused. Here’s a brief explanation of the differences between “who,” “whom,” and “whose”:

1. Who:

  • “Who” is a subject pronoun used to refer to the subject of a sentence, clause, or phrase.
  • Example: “Who is that girl?”

2. Whom:

  • “Whom” is an object pronoun used to refer to the object of a verb or preposition.
  • Example: “To whom did you lend your book?”

3. Whose:

  • “Whose” is a possessive pronoun used to indicate ownership or possession.
  • Example: “Whose coat is this?”

Usage Tips:

  • When deciding between “who” and “whom,” remember that “who” is used for subjects (the doers of actions) and “whom” is used for objects (the receivers of actions or objects of prepositions).
  • “Whose” indicates possession, similar to “his,” “her,” “their,” etc.


  • Who is driving the car? (Who is the subject of the sentence)
  • Whom did you see at the party? (Whom is the object of the verb “see”)
  • Whose bag is this? (Whose indicates possession)

Understanding these differences will help you choose the correct word in various contexts.

Practice using them in sentences with the QUIZ below!

Who, Whom, or Whose?

1 / 12

________ did you invite to the wedding?

2 / 12

________ idea was it to go camping this weekend?

3 / 12

The girl ________ dog won the competition is my friend.

4 / 12

________ did you see at the concert last night?

5 / 12

________ bag is this?

6 / 12

The person ________ car was stolen reported it to the police.

7 / 12

To ________ are you talking?

8 / 12

________ is going to the party tonight?

9 / 12

The man ________ you met yesterday is my uncle.

10 / 12

________ coat is this?

11 / 12

To ________ did you lend your book?

12 / 12

________ is that girl sitting over there?

Your score is

The average score is 77%


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