What’s the difference? IN TIME vs. ON TIME

Many people confuse these two expressions. And while they are similar, there is a very important difference.

  • ON time – This referrs to when you have an appointment or scheduled time to be somewhere or do something.
    The meeting starts at 2 pm. I have to be on time. (If I’m late something bad will happen.)
    The flight left on time. (It took off at the scheduled time)

TIP: I tell my students to associate the O of ON TIME with the face of a clock to remember that on time has a set time!


  • IN time – This refers to being early ehough to be able to do something or experience something.
    Even though I arrived late for the meeting I was still in time because it hadn’t started.*
    I forgot to set my alarm but luckily I woke up in time to have breakfast.

NOTE: It is possible to be late (not on time) for an appointment and still be in time to participate in the experience.

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