VOCABULARY – Sports and Games

We all need to exercise to keep our bodies healthy, but few of us do enough.

What exercises and games do you play?

Here are some that we’ve put in this slide (with the verb that’s used with them in parentheses):

  • (practice) Archery, (play) badminton, (go) bowling, (practice) boxing, (play) cricket, (go) curling.
  • (play) Tennis, (go) skateboarding, (go) surfing, (play) hockey, (practice) figure skating, (practice) yoga.
  • (practice) Fitness, (practice) fencing, (do) gymnastics, karate, (play) volleyball, (do) weightlifting.
  • (play) Basketball, (play) baseball, (play) American football, (practice) wrestling, (practice) high jump, (go) hang gliding.
  • (go) Car racing, (go) cycling, (go/practice) running, (play) table tennis, (go) fishing, (practice) judo, (go) climbing


Can you think of any other sports?

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