Sometime, Sometimes and Some Time

These three words are often confused. So, here’s an explanation of the differences between “sometime,” “sometimes,” and “some time”:

1. Sometime:

  • “Sometime” is an adverb that refers to an unspecified point in time.
  • Example: “I’ll visit you sometime next week.” (refers to an unspecified time in the future)

2. Sometimes:

  • “Sometimes” is an adverb that indicates frequency, meaning occasionally or at certain times but not always.
  • Example: “Sometimes I go swimming in the afternoon.” (indicates that swimming happens occasionally, not every time)

3. Some time:

  • “Some time” is a phrase that consists of the determiner “some” and the noun “time,” indicating a period of time, either a short or long duration.
  • Example: “We need some time to finish this project.” (refers to a period of time required to complete the project)

Usage Tips:

  • “Sometime” refers to an unspecified point in time, often in the future.
  • “Sometimes” indicates occasional or irregular occurrences.
  • “Some time” refers to a period of time, whether short or long.


  • I’ll call you sometime next month. (referring to an unspecified time in the future)
  • Sometimes I feel like going for a run after work. (indicating occasional desire or impulse)
  • Let’s take some time to relax and unwind this weekend. (referring to a period of time for relaxation)

Understanding these differences will help you use these words correctly in various contexts.
Practice using them in sentences with the QUIZ below!

Sometime, Sometimes, or Some Time

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________ I forget to bring an umbrella when it rains.

2 / 12

Please give me ________ to think about it.

3 / 12

________ it's better to listen than to speak.

4 / 12

I'll call you ________ this evening.

5 / 12

Take ________ to relax and unwind.

6 / 12

________ I feel tired after lunch.

7 / 12

Can we meet ________ this afternoon?

8 / 12

I enjoy going for a walk ________ in the evening.

9 / 12

________ in the future, I'd like to travel to Japan.

10 / 12

We need ________ to finish this project.

11 / 12

________ I go swimming in the afternoon.

12 / 12

I'll visit you ________ next week.

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