Remember” is about your own memory, recalling information independently, while “remind” involves assisting or being prompted to recall something. If you remember something, it’s a natural act of memory. If something reminds you, it’s usually a trigger that brings a memory to your mind.


“Remember” is a verb that describes the ability to recall or retain information, experiences, or facts in one’s memory. When you “remember” something, it means you can bring to mind something that happened in the past, or you can retain information that you have learned.


  • “I remember my childhood.”
  • “She remembered to bring her umbrella.”
  • “Do you remember his name?”


“Remind” is a verb used when you help someone else remember something, or when something cues you to recall a memory. So, if you “remind” someone, you are prompting them to remember something.


  • “Please remind me to call my mother later.” (This means, “Please tell me later so that I don’t forget.”)
  • “The smell of coffee reminds me of mornings at my grandmother’s house.” (This means, “The smell of coffee makes me think of mornings at my grandmother’s house.”)

Key Differences:

  • Subject:
    • Use “remember” when you are talking about your own memory.
    • Use “remind” when you are helping someone else remember something.
  • Action:
    • “Remember” is about recalling or retaining information.
    • “Remind” is about prompting or triggering someone’s memory.

"Remember" vs "Remind"

"Remember" is about your own memory, while "remind" involves assisting or being prompted to recall something.

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Can you _________ me to buy milk on the way home from work?

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I always _________ my grandmother's stories from when I was young.

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The old photograph _________ me of our family vacation to the beach.

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Please _________ to turn off the lights before you leave the room.

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He couldn't _________ where he left his keys.

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The sound of the ocean waves _________ me of peaceful summer days.

7 / 12

I need to _________ to call the doctor for an appointment tomorrow.

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Do you _________ meeting my friend at the party last month?

9 / 12

The alarm clock _________ him to wake up early for school.

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She could never _________ her password for the online account.

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The smell of freshly baked bread always _________ me of my grandmother's kitchen.

12 / 12

Could you _________ me what time the movie starts?

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