GRAMMAR – Prepositions

Types of Prepositions

The different types of prepositions are used to provide us with different information with regard to time (prepositions of time), place (prepositions of place), and direction (prepositions of movement). Besides these three, there are others: prepositions of manner and prepositions of cause and reason.

Time: We’ve been working since yesterday.
Direction: Go to the end of the street and you’ll see it.
Location: We saw a movie at the cinema.
Space: The dog slept under the table.
Manner: She laughed like a hyena.
Reason: They divorced for many reasons.

The same preposition, however, can be used for the different divisions into time, place, and direction. Look at this example using at.
Time: I shall meet you at 2 o’clock.
Direction: The woman pointed at the man who stole her purse.
Location: We’ll wait for you at the entrance of the mall.


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The Canaries are a group of islands _______ the coast of Africa.

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There is a wooden fence _______ the garden, which looks quite nice.

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The book was written _______ John Grisham. He's a famous writer.

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The students in the last row never pay attention _______ what the teacher says.

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The wind was coming _______ all directions, so it was impossible to continue with the event.

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After an hour, the firefighters had the incident _______ control.

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My sister owns a beautiful house ___ the sea.

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We walked _______ the room and saw documents and folders scattered over the floor.

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 _______ first, I thought it was an earthquake, but then I saw the damaged bus.

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The man fell _______ a coma _______ which he never recovered.

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The older boys always make fun _______ me.

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A large part _______ the Netherlands lies _______ sea level.

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My mom suffers _______ from migraine.

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The painter's works are _______ display _______ the National Gallery.

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I like to read books _______ photography.

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I am familiar _______ the rules, so you don't have to explain them to me.

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That car belongs _______ a friend _______ mine.

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