GRAMMAR – Indefinite Pronouns

GRAMMAR – Indefinite Pronouns

Indefinite Pronouns like everyone and anything often cause problems. Although the appear to refer to more than one person or thing, they are SINGULAR. One way to determine if a pronoun is singular is to put the verb are immediately after it. If the resulting combination sounds wrong, then that pronoun is singular.


  • everyone is
  • somebody is
  • something is
  • each is
  • nothing is
  • another is


  • both are
  • all are
  • many are
  • most are
  • others are
  • few are

When using words like each, think about each one, which makes it easier to remember that each is always followed by a singular pronoun or determiner.

Some words like each and all are used as determiners and pronouns.

Remember that a determiner is always used in front of a noun, but a pronoun replaces a noun.

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