GRAMMAR – Confusing Words


WHILE is a CONJUNCTION that is used to refer to a background period of time in which another activity happened. It is very similar to during, but it is followed by a sentence (while + subject + verb…), so they are not interchangeable.

DURING is a PREPOSITION that is used before an activity to indicate that a parallel action is happening at the same time as that activity. DURING is followed by a noun, which often represents an activity (during + noun)

I will finish reading the book while I’m on my summer break. (while + subject + verb…)
I usually take notes while I’m in class.
Did you fall asleep while you were watching the movie?

To use during in the above sentences, we have to change the structure of the sentence.

I will finish reading the book during my summer break.(during + noun)
I usually take notes during class.
Did you fall asleep during the movie?

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