GRAMMAR – Comparing Things

To compare two things, we use what is called a COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVE to what is different between the two things. We do this by modifying the adjective of the characteristic that is different. Here are the rules for this:
For adjectives of one syllable:
You add ‘ER’
smart – smartER
young – youngER
fast – fastER

For adjectives of one syllable that end with Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (C-V-C):
You double the last consonant and add ‘ER’
wet = wetter
big = bigger
sad = sadder

For adjectives of two syllables that end with a Y
You remove the Y and add ‘IER’
pretty – prettIER
happy – happIER
lucky – luckIER

For adjectives with two or more syllables (not ending in Y)
You add MORE before the adjective.
famous – MORE famous
interesting – MORE interesting
careful – MORE careful

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