GRAMMAR – Another and Other

Use of Another and Other
another + singular noun (Have another sandwich.)
another (Thanks. I’ll have another.)
other + plural noun (I wonder if there is life on other planets.)
determiner + other + noun (There may be life on some other planets.)
determiner + other (“I have one book.” “I have the other.”)

Another means “one more, an additional one.” It can be used as an adjective before a singular nouns or alone as a pronoun.
He needs another piece of paper.
I have one class in that building, and another in the building across the street.

Other is used as an adjective before a plural noun. It is also used as an adjective before a singular noun when preceded by a determiner such as the, some, any, one, or no. It can also be used alone as a pronoun when preceded by a determiner.
There are other matters I’d like to discuss with you.
One of the books was a novel; the other was a collection of essays.
There’s no other place I’d rather visit. 

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