GRAMMAR – Adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of frequency describe how often something occurs

100% – always – I always come to work on time.
~90% – usually – I usually wake up before 7 am.
~80% – normally – I normally have breakfast at home.
~80% – generally – I generally walk to work.
~70% – often – I often have lunch near my office.
~70% – frequently – I frequently meet friends for lunch.
~50% – sometimes – I sometimes take a break in the afternoon.
~30% – occasionally – I occasionally go for a beer after work.
~10% – seldom – I seldom stay out late.
~5% – rarely – I rarely drink whiskey.
~5% – hardly ever – I go out without my phone.
0% – never – I am never late to class.

Placement of adverbs of frequency
BEFORE the main verb (but NOT the verb BE).
I always study in the library when I have an exam.
I never arrive late for class.
AFTER the verb BE.
I am always tired after tennis.
She is never late for class.

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