VOCABULARY – Body Positions

We place our bodies in different positions depending on what we are doing.

Do you know the names of the different positions?

One of my INSTAGRAM followers asked to use each one in a sentence, so here you go:

  • Kneeling – He was kneeling when he asked her to marry him.
  • Lying – My daughter loves lying in the sun.
  • Slouching – Sometimes when a student is  bored or tired you might see them slouching in their chair during class.
  • Crouching – When you want to make yourself smaller, or lower your center of gravity, you could be seen crouching.
  • Leaning – The kids in the playground are often seen leaning against the side of the building and chatting.
  • Squating – I saw him squatting down to pet the little dog. You can also see people squatting at the gym. It helps to strengthen legs and buttocks.
  • Sitting – I am currently sitting n front of my computer typing this!
  • Standing – When you’re on your feet but not moving – you’re standing.

Can you think of any other positions?

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