“Because” vs. “Because of”

What’s the difference between “because” and “because of”?

In most cases, “because” is followed by a subject and a verb, and “because of” is typically followed by a single word or phrase.

Here are two sentences with similar meanings, but with different structures to help illustrate this difference:

“The concert was canceled because the weather was bad”

“The concert was canceled because of bad weather.”

As you can see, “because” is followed by a subject and a verb which express a complete thought. In the first sentence, that thought is “the weather was bad.” On the other hand, “because of” is followed by a short phrase. In the second sentence, that phrase is “bad weather.”

To summarize:

Because is a conjunction. The structure we use is
because + subject + verb.

He moved to London because his girlfriend lives there.
(his girlfriend lives = subject + verb)

Because of is a preposition. We use the structure
because of + noun or pronoun (you, me, him, etc.).

He moved to New York because of his family.
(family = noun)

He moved to New York because of them.
(them = pronoun)

"Because" vs. "Because of"

Test your knowledge of "Because" vs. "Because of" in this short exercise.

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I didn't arrive on time __________ I missed the train.

2 / 15

I couldn't understand him __________ his strange accent.

3 / 15

She passed the test __________ her teacher.

4 / 15

She passed the test __________ she had a good teacher.

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We hurried into the house __________ it was raining.

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I took my new iPhone back to the store __________ the battery wasn't holding the charge.

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My girlfriend lives in Ft. Lauderdale. I moved to Florida __________ her.

8 / 15

Samuel traveled economy-class __________ it was much more affordable.

9 / 15

Maria bought a first-class plane ticket __________ the extra space and comfort.

10 / 15

There's always a crossing guard at the school crossing __________ it's a very busy road.

11 / 15

Danielle prefers small farmers' markets to big supermarkets __________ the quality and freshness of the produce.

12 / 15

__________ they are easy to set up and use, Chromebooks are very popular with students.

13 / 15

Bananas grow well in Brazil __________ the tropical climate.

14 / 15

Schools are closed this month _________ two teachers tested positive for Covid-19.

15 / 15

The football match was canceled ________ the bad weather.

Your score is

The average score is 80%


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