GRAMMAR – Adjectives & Prepositions

Some adjectives need a preposition before their object. There doesn’t seem to be a logical rule, I’m afraid! We just need to learn them.

  • A solution ACCEPTABLE TO all involved.
  • They are ACCUSTOMED TO the attention.
  • Will the room be ADEQUATE FOR your needs?
  • I’m AFRAID OF spiders – especially big ones!!
  • I was not AWARE OF that.
  • The movie is BASED ON a book.
  • He’s not CAPABLE OF telling the truth.
  • Fair skin is a CHARACTERISTIC OF Swedish people.
  • The Medical Center is CLOSE TO campus.
  • Salt is COMPOSED OF sodium and chlorine.
  • What he says is CONTRARY TO common sense.
  • Anne is no longer DEPENDENT ON her parents.
  • Bluegrass is DIFFERENT FROM other types of country music.
  • I was DISAPPOINTED WITH my grade.
  • He’s ELIGIBLE FOR a three-week vacation.
  • A meter is approximately EQUAL TO a yard.
  • Is your bicycle EQUIPPED WITH a light?
  • Water is ESSENTIAL FOR all life.
  • I’m not FAMILIAR WITH that song.
  • Washington State is FAMOUS FOR its apples.


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