VOCABULARY – Nationalities

We all come from a country – and the name of the country is a porper noun.
Our nationality it the adjective form of the noun (and because it’s derived from a proper noun should always begin with a capital letter.

  • He’s from Spain – he’s Spanish.
  • She’s from the USA – she’s American.
  • He’s from the Republic of Ireland – he’s Irish.
  • She’s from Greece – she’s Greek.
  • He’s from England (or Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland) – he’s British.
  • She’s Polish so she’s from Poland.
  • He’s German so he’s from Germany.
  • She’s French so she’s from France
  • He’s Canadian so he’s from Canada.
  • She’s Brazilian so she’s from Brazil.
  • He’s Portuguese so he’s from Portugal.
  • She’s Dutch so she’s from Holland.
  • He’s Japanese so he’s from Japan.
  • She’s Ukranian so she’s from the Ukrane.
  • He’s Israeli so he’s from Israel.
  • She’s Australian so she’s from Australia.
  • He’s Swedish so he’s from Sweden.
  • She’s Mexican so she’s from Mexico.
  • He’s Italian so he’s from Italy.
  • She’s Cuban so she’s from Cuba.
  • He’s Egyptian so he’s from Egypt.
  • She’s Chinese so she’s from China.
  • He’s Hungarian so he’s from Hungary.
  • She’s Belgian so she’s from Belguim.
  • He’s Russian so he’s from Russia.

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