IDIOM OF THE DAY – “keep in touch”

Idioms are expressions whose meanings are different from the individual words and therefore aren’t meant to be taken literally. They exist in most languages and are usually the result of usage over a long period of time.

Here’s an explanation of the idiom “keep in touch” along with the requested focus keyphrase, slug, and meta description.

Explanation of “Keep in Touch”

The idiom “keep in touch” means to maintain communication with someone. It is often used when people are parting ways and want to express the desire to continue their relationship or communication in the future.


  • In Conversation: “It was great seeing you again. Let’s keep in touch!”
  • In Writing: “Feel free to email me any time. I want to keep in touch.”


  1. Between Friends: “Even though we’re moving to different cities, let’s make sure we keep in touch.”
  2. In Business: “Thank you for attending the meeting. We hope to keep in touch regarding future opportunities.”


“Keep in touch” is a friendly and common way to suggest ongoing communication and connection, often used when people anticipate being apart.

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