Adverbs of Frequency

Have you ever wondered how to tell someone how often you do something? There are special words in English that help us do just that. They’re called adverbs of frequency, and they’re pretty cool! Let’s learn more about them together.

What are Adverbs of Frequency? Adverbs of frequency are words that tell us how often something happens. They’re like little helpers that make our sentences clearer. Some common ones are “always,” “usually,” “often,” “sometimes,” “rarely,” and “never.” For example, if you say, “I always brush my teeth before bed,” the word “always” tells us that you do it every time.

Understanding Usage: We usually put adverbs of frequency before the main verb in a sentence. For example, “She usually goes to bed early.” But if the sentence is negative, we put the adverb before the main verb. Like in, “He never eats vegetables.” These words also work with different verb tenses, like past, present, and future.

Frequency Adverbs in Daily Life: In our everyday conversations, these words help us talk about our habits and routines. For example, “I often walk to school,” or “She sometimes plays soccer with her friends.” Everyone’s habits are different, so these words help us explain how often we do things.

Common Mistakes and Pitfalls: Sometimes, we might put these words in the wrong place in a sentence, which can make it confusing. It’s important to double-check where they go. Also, using words like “always” or “never” too much can sound a bit strange. It’s better to find a balance.

Adverbs of Frequency

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Where do we usually put adverbs of frequency in a sentence?

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Which of the following is an adverb of frequency?

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Fill in the blank with the correct adverb of frequency:
"She ________ watches TV in the evening."

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Which sentence is correct?

5 / 12

What does the adverb "always" tell us?

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Rewrite the sentence using a different adverb of frequency:
"I usually eat breakfast at 7 am."

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Which adverb of frequency means "not often"?

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Choose the correct adverb of frequency to complete the sentence:
"She ________ forgets her keys."

9 / 12

Where does the adverb of frequency "never" typically go in a sentence?

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What do adverbs of frequency help us talk about?

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Which sentence is correct?

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Which adverb of frequency means "all the time"

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