CONFUSING WORDS – Accept vs. Except

“Accept” and “except” are two commonly confused words in English due to their similar pronunciation, but they have different meanings and uses.


Definition: To receive or agree to something willingly.

Part of Speech: Verb


  • “I accept your apology.”
  • “She accepted the job offer.”
  • “They accepted the terms and conditions.”

Usage: Use “accept” when talking about agreeing to take something that is offered or recognizing something as true.


Definition: Not including; other than.

Part of Speech: Preposition or conjunction


  • “Everyone is invited except John.”
  • “She did all her chores except the laundry.”
  • “Except for the rain, it was a perfect day.”

Usage: Use “except” when indicating that something or someone is excluded from a statement or condition.

Quick Tips to Remember:

  • Accept starts with “A” and means to Agree to take or receive.
  • Except starts with “E” and means Exclude.

Understanding these differences can help you use these words correctly in your writing and speaking.

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