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“Except” or “Except for”

You can use EXCEPT FOR when you want to show that the statement in the main part of the sentence is not completely true:My vacation was great, EXCEPT FOR the rain. (So, not completely great because of the rain).I finished cleaning the whole house, EXCEPT FOR the bedrooms. (So, I didn’t completely clean.)We drank all …

“Because” vs. “Because of”

What’s the difference between “because” and “because of”? In most cases, “because” is followed by a subject and a verb, and “because of” is typically followed by a single word or phrase. Here are two sentences with similar meanings, but with different structures to help illustrate this difference: “The concert was canceled because the weather was bad.”“The …

Beside vs. Besides

Use “beside” when referring to physical proximity or location.Use “besides” when adding information or expressing an additional point.


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