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EXERCISES & TESTS: Placement Test

keep calm and placement test1. What __________ right now? Are you busy?
a. do you do
b. you can do
c. did you do
d. are you doing

2. __________ bread do we have at home?
a. Is there any
b. How much
c. How many
d. Are there any

3. Marie has two brothers. __________ names are Mark and John.
a. Their
b. Your
c. His
d. Her

4. How often __________ go to the beach?
a. are you
b. would you like
c. do you like
d. do you

5. What time __________ dinner?
a. did Derek have
b. Derek had
c. does Derek had
d. is Derek have

6. A: Where are you off to? B: __________.
a. I think I’ll start with the shrimp
b. I’m sorry; I’m not from around here
c. I’m on my way to the gym
d. I’ll take the blazer

7. A: Could you please close the window?B: __________.
a. Not at all
b. No, I don’t
c. No problem
d. Not much

8. John and Carl are brothers. John’s wife is Carl’s __________.
a. niece
b. sister-in-law
c. cousin
d. aunt

9. Rose has _________ seen that movie.
a. yet
b. ever
c. already
d. before

10. Anthony _________ in London _________ 2001.
a. has lived / since
b. lived / for
c. has lived / for
d. lives / since

11. You _______ make a reservation soon. That restaurant is very popular.
a. would rather
b. used to
c. ought
d. had better

12. Luckily, I __________ a seat belt when I had the accident.
a. wore
b. was wearing
c. have worn
d. had better wear

13. A: You look a little blue. Something wrong? B: __________.
a. I don’t care for it
b. Nothing. It’s on me
c. Nothing I can put my finger on
d. It doesn’t matter to me

14. I __________ meat, but now I’m a vegetarian.
a. am used to eat
b. am used to eating
c. was used to eat
d. used to eat

15. We can go to a movie instead of __________ TV.
a. watch
b. watched
c. to watch
d. watching

16. That photograph __________ by Henri Cartier-Bresson in 1954.
a. took
b. was taking
c. has taken
d. was taken

17. Is this car _________ ?
a. their
b. they’re
c. theirs
d. there´s

18. A: How many siblings do you have? B: __________.
a. Two uncles and an aunt
b. A son
c. Just a brother
d. My stepfather

19. I’m always on time, ________ I ?
a. are
b. don´t
c. aren´t
d. won´t

20. I _____________ the movie when it __________ out on DVD.
a. already saw / came
b. have seen / came
c. will see / will come
d. had already seen / came

21. My wife needs to have this dress __________ by Saturday.
a. to dry-clean
b. dry-clean
c. dry-cleaned
d. dry-cleaning

22. Charles __________ be a doctor, but he changed his mind.
a. would
b. was going to
c. might
d. could have

23. Joe __________ married Amy. They would have been very happy.
a. must have
b. may have
c. might
d. should have

24. Ramadan is a religious tradition ______ by Muslims all over the world.
a. who is observed
b. is observed
c. to observe
d. that is observed

25. A(n) ________ happens when there is no rain for a long period of time.
a. flood
b. landslide
c. drought
d. epidemic

26. I wonder __________ .
a. how the book ends
b. how does the book end
c. how ends the book
d. the book ends

27. We __________ lost if we had called in advance.
a. wouldn´t get
b. hadn´t gotten
c. didn´t get
d. wouldn´t have gotten

28. Our friends encouraged __________ early.
a. to arrive
b. we arrive
c. us to arrive
d. us arriving

29. __________ hard to find in the newspaper these days.
a. Good news is
b. A good news is
c. Good news are
d. The good news are

30. A: __________B: No, I’m just browsing.
a. Looking for anything special?
b. Is anything bothering you today?
c. Do you mind if I borrow it when you’re done?
d. Are you reading anything good these days?

31. Sometimes when I’m on the go, I forget _________ time for my family.
a. making
b. to make
c. to have made
d. make

32. The older people are when they marry, _________ children they have.
a. fewer
b. fewest
c. the fewer
d. the fewest

33. I requested that he __________ early.
a. arrive
b. arrived
c. arrives
d. would arrive

34. A: I’m at my wits’ end! B: __________
a. What’s stopping you?
b. Are you sure?
c. Do you think so?
d. What’s the matter?

35. He doesn’t have enough experience.____, he would have gotten the job.
a. Otherwise
b. However
c. Therefore
d. Although

36. I’m going for a walk. I need to __________.
a. lose my temper
b. say what’s on my mind
c. let off steam
d. make an issue out of it

37. Not only_________ finish the report, but he didn’t come to work today either.
a. he didn’t
b. did he not
c. did he
d. he did not

38. __________ so busy, we could have shopped around.
a. If we wouldn’t have been
b. That we hadn’t been
c. Had we not been
d. If we might not have been

39. A: _____ B: Actually, it kind of bothers me. I hope that’s not a problem.
a. Do you mind my smoking?
b. Would you ever consider getting a pet?
c. Can you believe that outfit?
d. Are you familiar with this CD?

40. By this time next year, my father __________.
a. will retire
b. had retired
c. is retiring
d. will have retired

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